Appreciating Life ( The Self )

Some questions popped in my head – “Where am I now in terms of career, goals, wedding, family, retirement?”

National Museum_Sunset

While staring at the sunset, I felt the numbness that paralyzed these thoughts and sought to appreciate life better by focusing on the things that matters most – the self and its surroundings. I am responsible for my own happiness and the self needs to dialogue and mingle in order to “survive” in a fast paced environment. It is a complex subject often misunderstood when the self promotes the negative survival and strive to trump others in a materialistic manner.

By getting a camera and lenses that I don’t need, magnifies this materialistic behaviour. I shall reconsider saving up for wedding (not the huge one i hope) and of course, focus to rethink my goals of sustaining a healthy cashflow. 🙂

National Museum of Singapore
© 2013 Sallehuddin Hussain. All rights reserved.


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