Project 1: Upper Cross Street

I was up and about scouting for a location to shoot my timelapse last year. After deciding to check out the oriental part of Singapore, I remembered passing a block of flats (rather old but expensive ones if resell) near Chinatown area, to be exact Block 351 Upper Cross Street.

531 CrossSt_Original 531 CrossSt_Edit

                                                    (left: original, right: edited)

This location was perhaps a timelapse photographer hotspot for it has a wide space area to play around with plus a great view of the sky and the buildings. Not forgetting the high traffic movement that is essential in a timelapse video. For now I’m just writing to share about the location and some trial and error shot that I took (just one shot for now). With this test shot, I had edited in Photoshop, so to add some background drama and a sense of doomsday.

My point is, no matter how bad the shot look before, it can be saved with some editing and creative storytelling 🙂


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