Weekly Photo Challenge – Renewal


In life, there are leaps and bounds, some painful and some worth fighting for. A lot of us living in this age of recurring financial crisis, global warming and “don’t disturb signs” attitude. Have we visit our inner self and rethink how cynical our outlook to the meaning of life is? Or do we just merely exist? And for what do we exist?

The purpose of me posting this picture is to really reflect upon this image where I took just around my neighborhood which intrigues me.

Here a tree grown uniquely where a side of the branch extended to the direction of the house. You may or may not seen this but I feel that there are signs that nature are trying to tell us and its up to us how we interpret this mystery. I could sense the call for a renewal of something in my life when I see this image firsthand.

Might be a renewal of an outlook to life where I have to take a leap of faith to try something new or perhaps help others achieve what they wanted to do. I am always into seeking new environments to learn from others and at the same time hope to cheer them when they need me. We exist for something great and even if we feel really down and clueless (or even godless), existentially, we know deep inside that no matter how small our steps are, we know we exist for something great. For the journey can be lonely with troubles as the roadsigns but the trees accompany you, for the trees never lie.

Here’s a call for renewal.


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