Study 1 – Timelapse

Timelapse can be created in two ways. Firstly, you can shoot a video of a particular spot with movements for example traffic, people, clouds etc. It is a point and shoot method which requires a bit of waiting time. Secondly, another method of creating timelapse is thru interval shooting. Let’s say 5 secs a photo for 120 secs. Put in together in an editing software, you will have a much smoother timelapse.

That’s what I did as I tried to follow those YouTube videos of tutorials but the only thing that I don’t have is a intervalometer. Although the Nikon 5100 has an in-built intervalometer, it doesn’t activate when I try to shoot on Manual mode (recommended mode for control).

So I decided to use my watch and snapped every 5 secs for 180secs (plus minus). Then I imported the files as JPEG sequence into Adobe After Effects and then it will turn into a footage. I was excited to see the RAM preview and decided to tweak the Levels and play with the Zoom and Tilt effects. I also stretched the footages into 200%. After editing, I rendered two sequences and both turn out fine for a start. The clips are only 4 secs each.

Looking forward to a much better timelapse soon πŸ™‚ Enjoy!


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