The Four Bs to Great Ideas

Sleep. Ride. Gents. Bumboats.

Not surprisingly, anyone who are in the creative industry will agree that there are places that will somehow trigger our IDEAS (some call it hallucinations).

Places like Bed, Bathroom, Buses and Boats.

Q: Why Bed?
A: You know when all that energy had been sucked up by work and all, the mind don’t actually stop the thinking. It is just that subconsciously, these thoughts relax as I lay flat on the bed. Then as I close my eyes…

BANG! Images kept appearing into my mind, playing around the head and making me more excited to get up to apply the ideas.

This process to me is the most tiring but also most rewarding. You should try afternoon naps! That is why the elder ones passed on great wisdom, for they gained wisdom thru napping πŸ˜›

Q: Why bathroom?
A: I can assure you that when nature calls, they are actually passing the wind of ideas to you (i realised the choice of words use – passing, wind ). Imagine taking a dump and with nothing to read, suddenly…

KABABOM! (might be mistaken for the ploop sound)
I feel the burst of energy caused by the almost claustrophobic cubicle (might not happen to you if you have a restroom like the Sultan of Brunei. heh). Also that moment of silence that trigger my mind to imagine, Β creates more ideas (dirty ones? haha) as opposed to reading a book.

Q: Why Buses?
A: As you know by now, most people cannot afford a car in Singapore due to the high COE ( Certificate of Entitlement) madness. So what do we do to move from places to places? Commute. As tiring as one can be after a burnt out day, one could either hail a cab or choose to board a bus or train. I prefer buses as the probability of getting seats are higher. Somehow sleeping in the bus becomes natural but I have a habit of knocking my head on the person beside me. Relating to the point of why buses, I feel that the ride stimulates the mind to wander to a another paradigm as the journey took place. Coupled with music on my earphones, some kind of a music video was playing thru my thoughts. Creative sparks injected in my film roll, displaying the places and people harmoniously. But I found myself wandering too far ahead that I sometimes miss a stop! Well couldn’t help it then πŸ™‚

Q: Lastly, why Boats?
A: I’m not referring to yacht or big cruises of that kind but a small bumboat that I always take to the islets on the outskirts of Singapore.
Bumboats can be really bumpy but it is always a joyride and I even like the cool breeze and the splashes of the sea drizzling on my face – a natural spray on.

The bouyancy created by the boat’s motion plus the sight of endless sea triggered a plethora of ideas but this might not be peculiar to design. This is the time where I reflect my life and have a hard look of everything I’ve done and planning to do. I also took time to record videos as the clips might come in handy for say, a project/assignment on nature or landscape in the future.

So that is all I can share for now regarding places that ignite my creative inspirations.

What about yours? Let me know! πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “The Four Bs to Great Ideas

  1. oh my…cant stop laughing..!! yet how true… most of my thoughts also happen to generate when im at these places!…nice thought! you know this is a daily thing that happens to most of us..really loved it..

    1. Thanks for liking the post πŸ™‚

      My friends share the same places of creative inspirations too! Haha the irony.

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