The “Owl” Effect – Asset or Liability

Hoot all night!

Do you ever feel that you are more productive at night? It is like when the clock strikes midnight, an adrenaline rushes thru your veins and refocus your thoughts.

I call this the “Owl” effect (with or without the “hoot hoot” sound). And without a tinge of caffeine. An apple will perhaps keep the adrenaline going. But what do we do with this phenomenon? On the other hand it could mean that we are insomniac but on the brighter side, if we use this adrenaline wisely, it enhances our productivity and effectively save time than working it out in the morning. (i prefer sleeping in the morning!)

But in the morning is when emails start to rush in and so does the important calls that could lead to future prospects/assignments etc. How could we then solve this equation? Personally, I produce better writings and designs when the “Owl” effect kicks in and for all the bureaucracy in the morning, I try to pick it up slowly. Perhaps hiring a secretary is the better solution than compromising on the quality of design.? Hmm….


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