After a year of absence in the blogging world, I realized that it is time to unpause and press the play button.

I have been busy Instagram-ing and Facebook-ing, catching up with friends, attending courses and most importantly, planning my wedding for this December.

I might say that it is becoming more and more difficult these days to just spend 2 hours taking photos and spending time alone. But no matter what, I must persevere and relight my fire (cheesy as that sounds).

Was thinking of capturing some nature shots or some street photography. Well…anything at his point.

For now, here is a picture I shot somewhere in Orchard Road last year (or the previous year). B & W edit to potray purity and stillness.

Till then, catch up soon peeps! :)

Location: Orchard Road, Singapore
© 2015 Sallehuddin Hussain

Symmetry in Life


Symmetry in Life. What is it?

Towards a healthy and productive work-life balance.
No amount of money can make one happy.
Give more, take less.
Shut your mouth if you have nothing good to say.
Listen more.
Do Good Things for yourself and for others.
Don’t be mad by others’ opinions about your religion.
Being just happy is not enough, it has to mean something.

Look into the mirror and criticize yourself, not others.

Lastly, be a human being. That could be “it” – the symmetry in life. :)

Writings and Photo by Sallehuddin Hussain.

A Walk by the Park

It is always a breeze to walk by the park on Sundays. Somehow I feel recharged and poised as the sunset rays bathed onto the greenery. Nevertheless, I dedicate this post to the families who are worried sick of the missing MAS plane MH370.

We can only hope that things will be back to normal and pray for the best.

the silent walk
the silent walk
Darul Makmur Mosque
Darul Makmur Mosque

Location: Yishun, Singapore
All rights reserved. ©2014 Sallehuddin Hussain.

Musings of a…

Reflections of life drifted by as I gazed upon the reddish skies
The warmth of its colours brighten even the darkest days

They say that money is king who we should not defy
But I am just a human who likes to rebel and play like a child

We live a lie just so we can buy more fame
We say some shit we don’t mean a thing

We wear thick masks with a smell of decay
Of our souls, which are dying each day

Written by Sallehuddin Hussain
©2014 All Rights Reserved.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

The tourist & her favourite object – the camera

Often when one travel, he/she will bring along a camera. This metal (sometimes plastic) object whether the latest Leica model or a Nikon Coolpix 1st Gen, will do the job of capturing and documenting colourful moments of our journey.

For me, an iPhone coupled with a Nikon DSLR is the way to go. I often find myself shooting and editing photos thru VSCO app after transferring thru Wifi to my iPhone. After that, I will upload to Instagram as & when I feel like sharing (not to show off! haha). That’s the beauty of the modern tech but at the same time, I would love to rekindle my film days. Sometimes it is better not to know the outcome and focusing on the development process is as important as well.

Location: Ang Siang Hill
©2014 Sallehuddin Hussain.

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